Java validating xml against schema

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DECLARE xmldoc XMLType; BEGIN -- Populate xmldoc (for example, by fetching from table).

-- Validate against XML schema Schema Valid(' IF Schema Valid = 1 THEN -- ELSE -- END IF; END; DROP TABLE po_tab; CREATE TABLE po_tab OF XMLType XMLSCHEMA " ELEMENT "purchase Order"; CREATE TRIGGER emp_trig BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE ON po_tab FOR EACH ROW DECLARE newxml XMLType; BEGIn newxml := :new.

The piece of XML to validate is specified in the constructor.

The constructors using more than a single argument are only relevant if you want to validate against a DTD and need to provide the location of the DTD itself - for details see the next section.

In the context of Extensible Markup Language (XML), validation normally involves writing a detailed specification for the document's contents in any of several schema languages such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Schema Language (XSD), RELAX NG, Document Type Definitions (DTDs), and Schematron.

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To add format to the XML documents you can use Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). It can map XML elements into other formatting or mark-up languages such as HTML.

For example, Listing 2 shows a program that validates Doc Book documents against Doc Book's RELAX NG schema. The only things that have changed are the location of the schema and the URL that identifies the schema language. Implementations are free to add other URLs to this list to identify other schema languages.

Typically, the URL is the namespace Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the schema language. However, you can install additional libraries that add support for these and other schema languages.

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