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Ultron was actually created by Hank Pym aka “Ant-Man.” Ultron initally takes after his creator’s thought process, but then it comes more intelligent and rebellious against Pym.

When it become Ultron-6 in 1969, Ultron turns his attention to eradicating humanity.

, fans will witness Ultron do his best to destroy the human race."Even though he is very protective of her, he has put her in the greatest jeopardy of her life to date," the actor said."He's willing to put her in the most dire circumstances, I think because of a presumption on his part that she's up to it.We didn’t think we’d see him pop up this fast, but we’re totally on board to see him wreak havoc now.For such a powerful android, Marvel Studios reached out to a fitting actor to provide Ultron with his vocals – James Spader.

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