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Our mission began to take shape after the July 2003 Madrid conference Towards Democracy in Cuba, when Vclav Havel encouraged nations to reach out to those working to bring freedom to Cuba.

In response, the ICDCs members have lobbied for political policies within national, regional and international government bodies that will protect Cuban dissidents, assist human rights initiatives, and call for more consistent approaches to dealing with the Castro regime.

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People in Need is a major advocate of democratization, human rights and socio-economic development in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In its fifteen years of existence, People in Need has administered over USD million for projects in thirty-three countries around the globe.

Your country of residence is very important to us for tax reasons.You need to create a user account to use the Your Freedom client and to access some parts of this web site.The only items strictly required are: a username, a password, and a valid email address.Comp87 is an easy to use zero latency compressor plug-in, capable of adding compression, punch and saturation to individual or grouped tracks in the project. It works great on drums, instruments, vocals or even the master track. Version 2.0.0: • Developed entirely from scratch with new code.

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