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Noises could be heard nearly every night coming from my parents bedroom.

She laughed while my dick was still in her mouth and began taking more of my dick into her moist mouth.

I just sat there staring at my beautiful mother as my rather large member began to stir inside my shorts. We are going to have so much fun tonight." said my dumfounded mother. I awkwardly smiled as my mom began to stroke my raging hard-on. Her small hand was even smaller compared to my cock.

She made long strokes, from the base to the beginning of the head, using a light squeeze all the way up.

She had shoulder length black hair that shaped around her warm, charming face. " Uh, yeah, it sounds great, but Dad, I'm not into guys..." I quietly said " Oh, ha, don't worry son, I'm not either, there would be no gay incest." responded Dave.

Her warm smile could make anyone quiver in their shoes. She had 28DD breasts that were completely natural and a nice sized ass that had more than enough to squeeze. I sighed a relief, and as if on cue, my mother got up and started undressing.

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