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Sometimes, I’m the guy from the other side of the tracks who they could bring home to piss off their dads.

Other times, in their eyes, I’m the cool, hip, indie, alternative guy.

The summer before college, I worked as a laborer for a construction contractor and saved up to get my first tattoo: two swallows on either side of my chest, holding a banner that reads “KEEP THE FAITH” in traditional font.

My mother cried when she saw it and my father gave me that disappointed dad look, but more importantly (I thought), my friends found it to be cool.

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“big tits,” “small tits,” “nice ass,” “no ass,” etc.) which they have to hear about at the bar from every other assh*le with Bud Light — whether they’re on a date with them or not.

We are especially prone to projecting positive qualities onto those with whom we’ve consented to get drinks because what’s the point of going on a date if the person sitting across you isn’t an intriguing and/or a promising prospect?

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Also, as evidenced by the one real office job I’ve ever had, tattoos are becoming acceptable, even in workspaces that once had strict dress codes.Ultimately, disappointment and disillusionment ensue when you realize that the greatest qualities of your potential partner are false products of premature judgment.Maybe this is why so many Millennials choose to forgo marriage and so many Baby Boomers are getting divorced: “He wasn’t who I thought he was,” they say.Maybe this is because in the current age of tech, 25-year-old app entrepreneurs run companies, or maybe it’s because more executives have come to realize that body modification isn’t reflective of intelligence or work ethic. Still, tattoos remain to be a source of curious fascination among many people my age who don’t have them.The bigger and more visible a tattoo may be, the bigger and more visible people’s reactions are toward them.

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