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He is known to have bought wool from all parts of Wiltshire and was also active as a moneylender.

In 1546, in a development which ultimately led to his downfall, Sharington became 'under-treasurer' of a newly re-established mint at Bristol Castle.

It should also be noted that even before the Morsheds’ arrived in Libya, MH left his permanent fingerprint in Bangladesh by being a catalyst of change and improvement to worker’s rights while he ran the port of Bangladesh – a power akin to being “the town mayor” here in America.

It seems the Morshed family began, from the other side of the globe, blazing a trail of community devotion and compassion wherever they call home.

As well as English coins, it also produced the coinage of Ireland.

In 1547, Sharington was appointed to commissions to report on the king's mints and on the Admiralty, as a chantry commissioner for Gloucestershire, Gloucester, and the city of Bristol, and as a Justice of the Peace for Wiltshire.

) – wearing a khaki knickerbocker blazer, navy striped tie and newsboy cap. Young-Malta-Boarding-School-Tarek’s favorite school activities were math, soccer, swimming in the sea and gobbling up octopus spaghetti (no other kid would touch it)! Baker that made the biggest impact on this adolescent.

As he grew into a young man, other subjects like basketball and tennis crept in. Each of these women saw something in Tarek that he had not yet seen in himself: communicative, creative, no-holds-barred potential.

Yet, if you were to ask him; the man we all know as the consummate Austin realtor and bona fide lifestyle curator of Travis County what his toughest challenge is, he would say, “My self-limiting beliefs. Insecurities as a child that I still default to when I let them.” A humble response, yet an empowering response. Without missing a beat, Tarek leans forward with the conviction of an attorney in his final argument, “The collaborative spirit.

He spent kindergarten through 3 grade attending an international boarding school in Malta.

Insert image of a boy walking up the cold stone stairs of a giant institution (have you seen The English Patient?

Ayesha’s parents, Sukuruddin and Mafuza supported a lot of families in the villages of Bangladesh through civil wartimes.

With the help of their eldest son (Ayesha’s brother), Sukuruddin and Mafuza even established a community clinic.

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