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Köln 255, the original editors' proposal of a mid second century date for the Egerton Papyrus accords better with the paleographic evidence of dated comparator documentary and literary hands for both On the one hand, some scholars have maintained that Egerton's unknown author composed by borrowing from the canonical gospels.

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This study placed the manuscript to around the time of Bodmer Papyri as around 200 CE, citing use of the hooked apostrophe in that papyrus in support of this date.

Additionally it tells us an otherwise unknown miracle, in the Johannine manner.

Conservative scholar Craig Evans supports a date for Egerton Gospel later than the canonical Gospels in a variety of ways.

He finds many parallels between the Egerton Gospel and the canonical Gospels that include editorial language particular to Matthew and Luke.

While Koester argues that these show a tradition before the other gospels, Craig Evans sees these as drawing from the other Gospels just as Justin Martyr did.

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