Girls profile free without registratiom can a teacher get in trouble for dating a parent

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Fdating taught me one thing that I should have already known cheaper very rarely means better.This site is not an exception yes I joined it for free but the experience I had with it can be described as a complete waste of time.And probably lost patience trying to get my phone and GPS navigation coordinates or nudes or whatever they were hoping for by trying to take me off the site and trying to talk to me off of it.

And the conversations got stranger and stranger, until I got blessed with the profile temporarily unavailable shadowban, everyone is complaining about here. A good guess is that it was simply harrasment from the staff, as I imagine most of them are in fact these strange accounts.

But while I was there, I saw many fake profiles, pictures that looked obviously fake, men asking for money, women as well, men changing their names n location while using the same pic.those that doesn't want genuine relationship but yet those that wants genuine relationship like myself get blocked or hav my profile deleted without notice..much favoritism!!!!

Its a genuine 100% free dating site where the great majority of the female members come from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

My profile has been temporarily unavailable for along time now and I can't even register on this site. I can no longer access the site because of the manager.

They don't give you any reason for banning you from the site.

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