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Whether you're an older gay man looking for the same or you are a young gay guy looking for a daddy it can be hard to find a good meeting place online. With over 141,983 profiles on the site, Silver Daddies may be just the place you have been looking for.I don't judge, what you like is your business, as long as you bring a good supply of aspirin to your hookup you go get that old man if that's what you want.The site does try to make some money and who can blame them?You will see a DVD marketplace section that also lists many online-only membership sites related to daddy, mature gay, and dad on son content.Simply because the site is great for what it is trying to be and with the right visual update could be a force to be reckoned with.No matter you are a wealthy and successful gay daddy looking for a handsome gay boy who would submit himself to you or a young gay man who desires for a gay daddy to offer you financial support and spoil you, Daddy Bear app is the right place where you are able to enjoy the time when you are trying to find a gay sugar daddy or a sugar baby.

It is kind of touching in a no homo kind of way to read about their relationship and you rarely see the webmaster have their own public profile and story out there.

The site has two main picture galleries for your geriatric enjoyment including one of the daddies and another one of admirers and or sons.

When I first came to this site I expected the ratio of daddies to sons to be like 10 to 1.

Also interestingly there are tons of features unique to this site that deal with viewing it in public or at work.

For example, you can search for pictures using classifications that can tailor make your results to be non-nude.

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