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A New Zealand website with information re STIs, the hymen uk A UK website with a wide variety of resources including video, for families about child sexual abuse which includes internet au An Australian website for adults with practical info and guidance around anything to do with parenting including: sexual development, sexual health and sexual nz0800 111 757 Text 4202A New Zealand website with resources for people experiencing depression as well as friends, families, colleagues.

The Sexual Ethics and Respectful Relationships continuum highlights a spectrum of behaviour ranging from healthy and respectful to harmful and illegal.

An unrestricted disclosure triggers notification to Command and commencement of a formal investigation.

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Any person subject to the Act that becomes aware of a well-founded allegation must cause the incident to be investigated.

Making an unrestricted disclosure does not mean that everyone should or will know about you or what happened to you.

Your SAPRA will work with you to ensure that your details are disclosed only to those who need to know SAPRAs are subject matter experts in the field of sexual violence.

SAPRAs provide advice and information to all NZDF personnel on sexual violence prevention strategies and best practice for the response to cases of sexual violence.

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