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Valtavalo, a manufacturer of LED tubes, sells lighting as a service, rather than purveying lamps as products.This is an excellent example of the circular economy concept, based on buying a service rather than a physical product.It would also be just fine for you to make the first move. Finnish guys are very sweet and they (MOST of them) try really hard to not be creepy or make you uncomfortable.As a finnish girl I see no reason to wait for a man to make it, if I want to take it to the next level. I'm an American female with a guy in his 30s and in the beginning I made all of the "moves". You should maybe push him a little in case he's the classic inhibited Finn, and try to be patient, if you really like him.If he's anything like me, he's simply really bad at reading you, and essentially will require more than subtle hints to make a move for fear of freaking you out.My recommendation to you is to take a suitable moment to ask, "Why haven't you kissed me yet, you dolt?In general, not all people are sharing your agenda to make new friends (should they come across someone interesting, by default it's not opposed, of course) so they may appear aloof. People tend to open up when they are drunk, but exchanging a few words nowhere near constitutes a friendship (at least by Finnish standards), you have to spend much more time together over a longer period of time to be considered a friend (or 'ystävä' to avoid any conflict in definition).

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With the people I know, the usual thing is to go out with one's friends and acquaintances, without a specific purpose to meet anyone new.

I like to run in the morning, and to walk late at night.

I also love to meet new people and to talk about life. I m looking for a partner and for a I grew up in Finland and now I live half the year there and the other half in the Caribbean. Right now I only work with art, creating my own and sometimes having workshops.

Saying Finns are shy can work well enough for a shorthand, but I'd say it's more about the sometimes absurd levels of self-restraint and respect for other peoples personal space.

Might look a lot like shyness for you, but then again a lot of Americans have a strange problem about being nude in sauna with strangers. I know this might seem a bit of a strange "suggestion", but a little alcohol will probably allow him to express himself better.

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