Fear of rejection in dating

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The fear stems from a very old belief (often developed during childhood) that you may somehow be deficient, not good enough, or unappealing overall as a potential romantic partner in a couple.I’ll share a snippet of wisdom I learned from own therapist many years ago during my training to become a psychologist.If your partner is not ready, he or she may be dealing with his or her own emotional triggers that you have to respect and accept.

To determine when and how you want to move the relationship forward has to do not only with your self-awareness but also with your social competencies.

Our principal emotional issues come out in one of two areas: our work life or our romantic life.

If you struggle with fear of rejection, this fear may affect your career, dating and relationships, or both.

It is important that you stop and pay attention to that little voice inside your head. Is it amounting to a belief that you are not good enough, not lovable enough?

This deeply held belief, without even being aware of it, is actually hindering our ability to attract and keep our dream partner.

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