Error validating client secret

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For example, the following request gets five of your notebooks, sorted alphabetically by name: Access tokens are only valid for an hour, so you'll need to get fresh tokens when they expire.

You should check the token's expiration before using it, and get a new access token if needed.

In many cases, it makes sense for the app to show this "connect" view only after a user has signed in with a work or school Microsoft account.

If you sign the user in to your app, you can identify the organization to which the user belongs before you ask the user to approve the application permissions.

Admins don't have to consent to permissions again unless they revoke permissions.

If there are errors with authentication, the web browser is redirected to an error page.This value informs the token endpoint that of all the direct application permissions you have configured for your app, it should issue a token for the ones associated with the resource you want to use.All your requests to the One Note API must send the access token as a bearer token in the Authorization header.GET Additional technical information: Correlation ID: f3817dd1-8476-46c2-a81b-fdefd209f988 Timestamp: 2017-01-18 Z AADSTS90093: This operation can only be performed by an administrator.Sign out and sign in as an administrator or contact one of your organization's administrators.

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