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Clue #2 about being cocky and funny: by being Cocky And Funny, you ALSO show a woman that you’re selective…BECAUSE women chase after you, you’re an object of desire etc.This lets her know that SHE has competition, and will need to win you over because she can have you all to herself.that you’re comfortable around women, have lots of them around you, and that you know how to treat them.Meanwhile, she will need to DEPEND on others for food and protection sooner or later because she CAN’T do it herself. Don’t worry, this all has a point: explaining why cocky and funny works.It means that, relatively speaking, women take a MUCH HIGHER RISK when they have sex compared to men.During pregnancy, they can’t earn money, they can’t have a life of their own, they can’t get food for themselves and the baby…so they HAVE to be selective about who they meet, date and have sex with or they’ll be dependent on others for food, shelter, protection and money for their entire lives! Because when we do NOT select the fittest mate to reproduce with, then the chances for the genes to survive will DECLINE.

Using exaggeration…is blowing things all the way up when it comes to age, weight, height and so forth or when a girl complains about her clothing. Do you know what is the greatest benefits seating beside me ? Your figure is very authoritative, can I touch you ? You know "power, money, knowledge, prestige & me" are the ladies favorite. There is a tremendous security problem above your keens. because it shows you what to say AND how to easily get more dates with women. Learn more about what to say and using humor to attract women HERE.To More Dating Success, Carlos Xuma Win With Women P. Want more free tips about what I\'ve talked about today?

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