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Eventually, the System begins to feel just as untrustworthy as its users’ hearts: is it pairing them with the right people? The System’s big claim is that each date will get users closer to their “ultimate compatible other” — the perfect soulmate that always seems to be waiting in fiction, in romance novels and romantic movies.

The idea is that every date will give The System more data it can use to determine that person’s perfect match, with a 99.8 percent success rate.

It’s the version of romance sold by to have sex, but it’s assumed they will.

Frank and Amy have a good first date, with easy, witty conversation, but The System has determined their relationship will only last one night.

In this world, dating is a highly regulated process managed by something called The System, which promises every user that they’ll eventually end up with their perfect life partner.

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"She went to work on her writing, accent training and acting workshop," her manager explained.At the beginning of her relationship with Alwyn, Swift took fairly drastic precautions to keep her relationship a secret.According to The Sun, she wore disguises (including the use of a wig) to meet her beau on several occasions., fans believe that the songs “Ready For It,” “Gorgeous,” and “King of My Heart” were all written about Alwyn. Neither of them argue, or try to override their orders: dating only exists within The System, so there’s no point in seeing each other again without its permission.Even if they had, the System is enforced by armed guards, so users can’t quietly back out of their customized quests for romance.

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