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(“SNAP”) which also includes two fellow Gothamites – Mindy Stern and Renee Richter on its board.

SNAP provides direct services to enhance the quality of life of older adults. We had just returned from moving my oldest into her new apartment in Ann Arbor and we were getting ready to move my youngest back to college.

Operating senior centers serving northeast and southeast Queens, SNAP also delivers meals on wheels, case management and transportation. I ask these questions because I have been encountering a growing opposition to straws. For over 10 years I have been writing a blog on Monday night and posting it for Tuesday’s publication. Monday night blog writing literally just escaped me.

Its caregivers program serves about half of the borough of Queens. Have you ever done something nice for someone you didn't know? Allowing someone to get in front of you at Starbucks (that may be the hard for some of you:) Or even letting someone in your lane ahead of you while you're driving (that's hard for me! It also can signal what type of person you are being kind to. Well fanatic is what I am about this year’s Yankee team (and Aaron Judge, but that’s for another blog)! We have actually converted to reusable hard plastic straws. I know some of you noticed and that some worried whe...

There's been an 80% increase in deforestation so far this year compared to last year.

I try to put that out of my mind and tell myself to be in the moment as I dream of an Endless Summer. Every so often, as I did this weekend, I’ll find myself just reading through my mother’s address book. Poco, Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins, My Father’s Place, John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Squeeze, Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook, Peter Frampton, Brian Wilson, Alan Jardine, Blondie Chapin, The Zombies, King Crimson, The Beatles, The White Album, T We saw some really great shows so far this year.Since then we have been communicating via Whats App. Down To Earth Dating Down To Earth Dating Here are 8 associated with losing weight through reducing stress.Like when you hold the door open and the person walking through it doesn't acknowledge what you'v... They have suffered unprecedented injuries to countless key players and yet the “Next Man Up” has carried them to First Place in the American League and one of the best records in Baseball. The "last straw" was when I recently saw a restaurant’s admonition that “we only serve straws upon request”. For many years I have donated money to The Council of Jewish Women’s Back to Store. We took in one of my fave bands last night at The Rooftop at Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport.It is unprecedented and they have inspired me to dub them the No Name Monsters! Succinctly stated, The Back to School Store is an annual two day event where children of families in financial need are given the opportunity to “shop” for everything they need to go back to school; socks, underwear, a pair of pants, a shirt, sneakers, a winter coat, hat, tooth brush, and a backpack. If you read last week’s blog (or viewed my last post to Gotham’s Rock Rap Music listserve), you already know why. I viewed some set lists for shows the band led by Glenn Tilbrook (lead guitar and vocals) and Chris Difford (guitar and vocals).

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