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These operate under a schedule of delegated powers from the Regulatory Committee.Some of those delegated powers are further delegated from the sub-committees to members of the executive.

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It can include supporting documents or references that you consider relevant.

Frank Mc Auley (convener)Faye Anderson*Helen Cadden*Euan Cameron Leslie Forsyth*Sarah Haig Anne Hastie* John Mulholland Lynn Pilkington*Fergus Thomson Catriona Watt Brian Yates* Samantha Hollywood (secretary) Kenneth Dalling (Convener) Alan Matthew (Vice Convener) Naghat Ahmed* Anne Follin* Alan Fraser* Alastair Graham* Anne Macdonald Robin Macpherson Graham Matthews Vincent Mc Keown* Neil Mc Lauchlan* Margaret Ogilvie* Stuart Naismith Sheila Kirkwood (Secretary) Jane Mac Eachran (Convener) Fiona Allison*David Blair Bernadette Campbell* Chloe Corr*John Logue Prof.

Kenneth Mackinnon* Moira Mac Millan Thomas Muinzer* Dean Purdie Stephaine Switzer*Rachel Wood Rob Marrs (Secretary) Graham Reid (Convener) Helen Cadden* John Dally*Paul Faris* Patricia Gray Lesley Johnson* Ivor Klayman Peter Matthews Grace Mc Gill Dominic Notarangelo*Valerie O’Neill Lesley Reid*Ian Ritchie and Wendy Henderson (Secretaries) Colin Dunipace (Convener) Morris Anderson William Braes* Alistair Christie* Jeremy Clarke*Ralph Coleman* Peter Cross* Nicole Hatch Carolyn Mac Leod Alistair Murdoch Christine Reid* Forbes Watson Ian Ritchie and Wendy Henderson (Secretaries) Jim Stephenson (Convener) Ben Christman*Malcolm Combe Christina Cummings*Louise Johnston* Martin Jones*Fraser Latta Arlene Mc Daid Hayley Mullen Sheekha Saha Susan Sutherland*Robert Sutherland* Andrew Alexander (Secretary) Jim Stephenson (Convener)Fiona Allison*David Blair Bernadette Campbell* Chloe Corr*John Logue Prof.

View a diagram of our governance and committee structure The Regulatory Committee was created by the Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010.

It is a committee of the Council of the Law Society but it acts independently.

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