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Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox star, with guest appearances by Jenny Seagrove and Julian Wadham (subtitles) The Oxford sleuth investigates a double mystery connected to the local Greek community - the death of a restaurant chef and the disappearance of a baby - and wonders whether an academic event attended by some of the university's leading classical scholars could shed light on the case.Mystery, starring John Thaw and Kevin Whately, with Jan Harvey, Martin Jarvis and James Hazeldine (subtitles) Feature-length episode.Holmes is plagued by a recurring dream that may have its roots in the case of Lord Robert St Simon, whose bride disappeared on their wedding day.Guest starring Simon Williams, Anna Calder-Marshall and Geoffrey Beevers, with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke (subtitles) A Chicago cop traces a fugitive gangster to London and teams up with Scotland Yard to secure his extradition to America to stand trial - but the hunter becomes the prey when a professional hitman intervenes.Joey lands a date with a fan, but soon learns she is unhinged.

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The men's and women's eights take centre stage today, and Great Britain's men are expected to battle it out with reigning champions Germany for the title.

However, it transpires that romance is in the air for more than just the one couple.

Roger, Georgie and Bob attend a children's party, but are soon sent packing, while the family's portrayal in Wendy's book continues to cause angst.

Unfortunately, he learns the authorities are not prepared to accept a simple apology and want to exact an altogether harsher punishment (subtitles) (repeat)Marge captures a fleeing con artist and suddenly becomes so enthusiastic about law enforcement that she decides to join the Springfield Police Academy - but Homer has reservations about his wife being a cop (subtitles) (repeat)The plucky talking mouse feels left out when the son of his adopted human family makes a new pal - but quickly forgets such trifling matters when his high-flying canary friend is captured by an evil falcon, prompting the brave rodent to mount a daring rescue.

Family adventure sequel, with Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie and Jonathan Lipnicki, and the voices of Michael J Fox, Melanie Griffith and James Woods (subtitles) Part two of two.

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