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Its long leaves and deep yellow stem add to the beauty of its appearance.These flowers easily grow, once the conditions are met.These flowers are exotic and attractive in appearance. It is easy to take care of them, since they don’t need much moisture and humidity.It’s important to be careful while handling them since every part of the plant is poisonous. You can easily find them at plant stores or flower shops and nurseries.

Well drained soil is a prerequisite as the plants rot quickly in waterlogged conditions.[ Read: The obake red anthurium is a gorgeous heart shaped blood red flower, which is widely appreciated and used across the world.

Grown in warm climate, these flowers need to be handled with care since they get bruises easily because of their fleshy nature.

The purple tulip anthurium flowers grow mostly in the tropical locations of America. Since they are jungle plants, they need to be protected from the sun.

The chocolate anthurium flowers are tropical plants and belong to the Araceae family.

They are heart shaped, usually large and glossy in appearance.

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