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Sanibel is an island and city in Lee County, Florida, United States.

The population was 6,469 at the 2010 census, with an estimated 2012 population of 6,741.

In the Gulf he befriended Gasparilla, who allowed him to establish himself on Sanibel Island.

Eventually the old Spaniard discovered Caesar had been stealing from him and chased him off, but not before his loot had been buried.

The island was re-populated after the implementation of the Homestead Act in 1862, and again a lighthouse was petitioned.

Construction on the Sanibel Island Lighthouse was completed in 1884, but the community remained small.

In May 1963 a causeway linking Sanibel and Captiva to the mainland was opened, resulting in an explosion of growth.

In 1765, the first known appearance of a harbor on Sanibel is shown on a map as Puerto de S.

Nibel (the "v" and "b" being interchangeable); thus, the name may have evolved from "San Nibel".

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