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Avoid unnecessary meetings – When meeting with someone or have a team meeting to chair, come prepared with the purpose, subject and scope. Learn to say NO – Don’t take on more than you can handle. If something doesn’t fit into your schedule, say NO.

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Schedule your time to avoid dear mistakes and the blunders made while rushing things. Be exact in your communication – When calling someone or mailing them, define your purpose clearly. I appreciate the hustle but I could have interviewed someone that really wanted the job. @e Bay_UK @BBCYour Money Be aware that the member feedback e Bay shows is not accurate, and e Bay will not take action if a buyer messes you about and doesn’t complete a sale - it’s left to you to initiate and pay for a small claims court action. Afterall, it's only fair everyone know which idiots influenced My move to paid platforms only & to shut down My Twitter DMs To My ppl, as previously stated, I'll keep up w you via Ki K, Skype or cell like this! 💸 Any goddess worth talking to isn't going to be free anyways lmaooo #boybye # I just had a guy show up to an interview and pitch me his investment opportunity and really wanted nothing to do with the job.When you’ve passed your message on, be polite and hang up. Map your productive time spent online and what you’ve gained out if it. The Internet is to be used productively and wisely, not otherwise.You can always call back later at a leisurely time to chat. Also, you spend the entire day on the computer; spend your play time off it.

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