Dating sarah marshall cast

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Not only is he wildly versatile, but he possesses a natural charisma that makes him personable in basically any scenario.

If Rudd is something of this movie's Murray, Segel could absolutely slip in as the Aykroyd that this film would be looking for.

He seeks out the emerging Ghostbusting team (led by Rudd and Segel) and some classic hijnks ensue.

on Amazon Prime, well, you should probably change that.

It wouldn't be a shocker if Coon starts to bust some ghosts on her own, and takes on something of the "straight man" role that Harold Ramis did in the originals, and that Kristen Wiig did in the 2016 re-boot. Grace's character seems to be the center of director Jason Reitman's plans for the movie—he's said that his movie was rooted around the idea of a 12-year-old girl who becomes a Ghostbuster.

Reitman, typically an Indie director, didn't envision himself making a movie, but the idea of Grace's character came to him, and apparently he just couldn't stop writing.

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