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The study into quilt history is a rapidly growing area of research in American history: the important role women played in our history; domestic life in the 18th-20 centuries; development of the textile industry in the Asia, India, Europe and America; the purpose for making quilts; their pattern and style development over time; current reproduction fabrics; and last but not least, dating a quilt or a single piece of fabric by its dyes and the method used to print it.

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Quilts, women, and men, from all walks of life and geographic location can open our eyes and our heart to those who sewed before us.

Like, antimony or chrome orange, chrome greens and yellows were popular in the period from about 1860 to 1880 and were produced, often in the home, from highly toxic chemical dye powders.

In fact, that segment of the Victorian period is often referred to as “the brown years” because of the prominence of browns in paints and fabrics.See some of the Challenge Mini Art Quilts An expanded BOUTIQUE at the Quilt Show was a bit hit.If you've been to our Boutique in the past, you'll know that a variety of wonderful handmade items are displayed for sale: small art quilts, jewelry, scarves, aprons, knitted and crocheted pieces, handmade journals, and much more!In recounting the method's evolution, which involved the examination of 900 date-inscribed specimens, Brackman imparts a colorful history of quilt making.This was an amazing book - it is considered the definitive work on this topic - and somehow it's out of print.

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