Dating pregnancy right after miscarriage

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I then waited for my AF and no joy, so on 15/09 I took a pg test and it came back negative, then tested again on 19/09 and it was a BFP. I had done a test after the bleeding stopped anyway and got a negative so I knew this was a new pg, but if I were you I would wait maybe a week or so, then test again and see what happens.

If you're still getting a positive result I'd say you're pregnant.

xx Well I'm guessing that I'll be given a scan before 12weeks to give me a more accurate date.

My friend could not work out how far gone she was because of irregular periods so they sent her for a dating scan and she found out she was 8weeks.

Good luck Leo x The only reason i'm holding back at the moment is because me and my partner only starting trying 4 weeks after the miscarrige so we only been trying a week and 4 days so dont even think im even pregnant at this stage or concieved so im just gonna test next fri but I was worried about dating and knowing how far gone and that I would be but they can find that out with blood tests can't they?If you didn't start trying until 4weeks after mc you probably won't test positive until next week then if you are pg. They say that your period will return between 4-6 weeks after mc. x x i had a miscarriage erpc 6sept/ 2010 after silent miscarriage i stop bleeding after a week so me and my hubby started trying for a baby...did a pg test 3 weeks ago came back positive the midwife told me to wait if i get my period during the 3 weeks that passed ... so 12oct i started to bleed i told the midwife i might hav started my period she told me to call early pregnancy (hospital ) to arrange scan or for them to advice me whether am pg or not ...A word of warning though - I had a bit of a hard time in the beginning with this pg as I went for an early scan where (before the scan itself) one of the nurses at the hospital tried to convince me I wasn't pregnant at all and it was leftover miscarriage hormones.She tried to fob me off with a blood test but I stood my ground and insisted on a scan and it showed a baby measuring 8 2!

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