Dating in the dark deanne

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I am very tired too, but I coffee’d up in Green River, and wolfed down a green chile cheeseburger at our favorite cafe, and feel perked up, for the moment at least.

I love this area of Utah but detest driving this stretch of highway at dusk, when visibility is fading, but before many drivers have turned on their lights.This is because a charity called as a toxic organization, this is a great master blog post (updated in 2017).So, in our home we don’t do “Light It Up Blue” or puzzle pieces or light bulbs or other things that undermine support for neurodiversity. Well, via a friend, I recently saw a post by The Neurodivergent Teacher that had some fantastic ideas for demonstrating support for autistic folks in April: Autism Acceptance Spirit Week Celebrate Autism Acceptance April 1st – 5th!I do not want us to be part of the carnage, so I’ve slowed down to 40 miles per hour, to enjoy the view of some of the finest desert scenery in the American Southwest.I have also been working hard not to be distracted by De Anne, the great-looking young 19 year old college student from eastern Colorado, who is asleep and snoring cutely, stretched out on the bench seat of the two year old Ford cargo truck that our river company owners recently bought.

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