Dating cool guy

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However, that being said, learning how to act around women and maneuver changing emotional tides quickly will greatly help you in your romantic negotiations – whether dealing with an erratic love interest who’s attention feigns like the changing wind, or what to text or not to text in any given situation. Whenever I found myself in a situation with a lady where I didn’t know what to do, all I had to do was to think: What Would James Do?

Maybe it was a growing up in the 90s thing, but when I was in school, all sorts of kids wore these W. Or alternatively, what would a cool guy do in this situation?

Hell make you feel like a queen and put a smile on your face all the time.

In the morning, the nerdy guy will most likely make you breakfast. So, if youre looking to have some fun and maybe score a good makeout, find Mr.

You are out with your girlfriend and she starts to get emotionally erratic (shocking right? One minute she feels interested and excitable and the next she is pouncing on every little thing you do as annoying and accuses you of putting ‘words in her’ mouth and backs out of everything she ever said like a slippery DJTrump. Do you give in to her and ask her what is wrong and walk on eggshells all day (more like 4-5 days, am I right?! Or do you take a firm line and start fighting back and fuel the firey dragon? Rather, James would simply tell her that he doesn’t hang with people who are acting the way she is, and remove himself from the situation entirely (assuming it doesn’t happen in a situation where you can’t remove yourself…which it always seems to for some reason).

Anyway, James has a limited amount of time and views his time as a his most sacred asset.

Note – said lady may act about the coitus in the bathroom scenario too, but only if the gentleman acts accordingly (indifferent/James Bond cool).

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For some girls, trouble is sexy its what draws them to cool guys in the first place.He may say he is going to be at another function and invite her along, but he certainly wouldn’t tell her to ‘make it up to him’, and try hard at all. He would give her grace and the benefit of not giving her a hard time for her actions.He wouldn’t be reactive, but rather keep moving forward with his own actions, and perhaps even extend her an offer to join. James would be a rock and acknowledge that his lover is acting up and wouldn’t get nasty with her, nor would he be over accommodating.All guys arent the same some treat you well while others leave you lusting after them.We’ll call the ones that treat you well the nice and nerdy guys.

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