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Many complex forms of snuffers evolved for the homes with many candles.Some had concentric trap-doors that would snap shut and isolate the snuff.Georgian Knife & Fork A close reproduction of a late 18th century knife and fork.Set features hand forged blades, sterling silver hardware, and coral handles.

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This set has been exactingly reproduced from original examples, and I feel one of the best ever offered.

They are scissor-type tools that cut and retain the snuff trimmed from candle wicks.

The snuff is partially burned wicks and, with the addition of oxygen, is very flammable, therefore it needed to be isolated so it would not reignite once trimmed from the wick.

Ie-Lion, coat of arms, [1784 - 1802], choice condition with no dents or cracks....................................., 9" overall, stamped plated tinned tray with leaf motif, solid brass candle snuffer with some decorative trim.

Candle snuffers date from the 17th - mid 19th centuries.

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