Dating an aries male

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The Sagittarius can sometimes be harsh with words, and speaks the truth as she actually sees it.The Aries is also sharp-tongued, but mostly only when he is feeling cornered.They both like to take on new challenges and deal with new situations.It’s a good thing the Aries man and the Sagittarius woman are together, because they both think the same.Both Arieses and Sagittarians are famous for having a temper, but the Aries is known to get angry more often than the Sagittarius.The Archer woman will try and comfort this man each time he’s not satisfied with something.

And she is going to be more than happy to be with someone who doesn’t want to keep her tied down.The Aries man is childish and fun, while the Sagittarius woman is a philosopher.They will enjoy having heated conversations, and they will also argue from time to time.Adventurous and enthusiastic, this girl will always look for what risk to take next.She will be a great match for the exciting and energetic Aries man.

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