Dating a snuggie Websex meetings

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“I met my last boyfriend in the fall, and I think the season definitely added to the ambience.

We went pumpkin picking on our third date.” A similar term, “winter boyfriend,” has garnered significant attention over the past few years, with definitions in and personal anecdotes relayed across a variety of blogs and media sites.

After years of ragging on how stupid snuggies are, I gotta admit...

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November and December are just too hectic.” But experts aren’t so sure it’s a good idea to let the climate dictate your choice of mate.

“On game days, I see so many girls come in a huge group.

It’s clear they’re here for the guys, they giggle about how they have no idea what’s going on and loudly talk over the game,” says Melissa. “Wear the shirt of a team that’s playing and know the rules,” she says.

“Plus, you meet guys who are in shape.” And although Elizabeth is eyeing a bar near her apartment that is particularly testosterone-heavy right now thanks football, people in the know say to proceed with caution.

Melissa, a bartender on the Upper West Side who asked not to use her last name for work reasons, has seen more than a few flirtatious attempts fall apart at the sports bar where she works.

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