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This is not surprising, as the years of programmers’ hard work are coming to the development of a bot that would understand a great natural language and could evaluate the context. Chat-bot is not a multipurpose solution, and it is not appropriate for all types of businesses.

Its use can be good for companies providing services such as taxis, food delivery, hotel room reservations, ticket sales, retailers and others, where customer requests are mostly highly predictable and template-based.

Instead of a long and generic answer, our chatbot will give a quick and precise response creating an intelligent conversation with the customer.

Attendees love the conversational style and efficiency of chatting with Event Bots.

Therefore, despite bots are well suited to straightforward questions, generating quick and precise answers, recognizing sarcasm, irony, and humor are much more difficult.

At the heart of any perfect customer interaction are an intuitive conversation, a seamless purchasing experience and no wait times.Trying to find out what communicator is talking about, chatbot asks leading questions.If further customer responses remain unclear, the program continues to repeat the same clarifying questions again and again.If chatbot-developers consider all these aspects and fix them, it will be impeccably desirable assistance-device for business development. Although they have enormous popularity, none of the finished products is impressive enough with its intellectual capabilities.Even such AI-built bots like Amazon-Alexa and Apple-Siri, which have the ability for self-learning and self-updating database, are able to handle only a small part of the user’s queries.

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