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] [xon=] [odsr=] [octs=] [dtr=] [rts=] [idsr=] -list List all available serial ports on the system and exit. COM1) baud= Specifies the transmission rate in bits per second.

data= Specifies the number of data bits in a character.You can learn more about setting the date with date –help, which also specifies that you can even set the seconds if you want to.The ‘date’ trick is what you’d want to use if the Mac in question does not have internet access for one reason or another.In this example, the system clock was off by a laughably small fraction of a second.You generally don’t need to do this if you use the “Set date and time automatically” feature within the Date & Time system preferences, though by setting clocks through the command line you could be sure that each machine on a network shows the exact same time.

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