C validating xmlreader

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Stop On Invalid (Only C#) This Boolean property (1/0) indicates if the parser must stop when it detects a validation error, but the xml is well formed.If the value is 0, the Read() method will return 1 even if a validation error has occurred, and the way of detecting the error is by controlling the value of the Err Code property. The features available to process XML documents that use namespaces are described in this section.

NET documentation): If there is no DTD or schema, it will parse the XML without validation.

Read Type( [, Name Constraint]) As in the method Read(), this method moves forward to next node but only if the indicated constraints are fulfilled.

It returns a whole value greater than zero if a node was read; otherwise it returns zero.

It is valid only for nodes of Element and End Tag type.

Value It returns the value of the current node obtained through the method Read or Read Type.

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