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Here is a link Topic-g1-i12105-k4916780… I am just trying to make people aware of an issue that doesn't appear to be just a one time thing and only happening to me.There also appears to be quite a few other complaints about on the Consumer Affairs website as well - me I have looked into finding out how to get a hold of the hotel in order to get my money back. If the hotel charged you without authorization from you or it's a matter between you and the hotel.If you are unable to get a hold of the latter, disputing the charge is the next step.So I am not the only one that this has happened to in the last few months.I am going to use instead for all my reservations from now on.However on the day that I would have checked in to the hotel I received a charge for one night.I contacted and thought that they would just get it credited back to my account since I clearly had the cancellation confirmation email and everything. I booked it and cancelled it through but yet they want me to take care of the errant charge on my own.

According to your post it sounds like I shouldn't expect any customer service on end.

In addition the representative also confirmed that she couldn't not reach the hotel using the number that they had.

Besides that number they have no other way of contacting them (email, chat, fax, etc).

For some odd reason you seem more upset that couldn't help you than the fact that the hotel charged your card without authorization.

Of course, if they charged you because there's a mistake on and the rate wasn't really fully refundable then they'd have a problem but I'm assuming that isn't the case.

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