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If you decide that a dude isn't dateable, it's okay to turn down the offer. Instead of saying "Nah, not for me," which may insult your matchmaker and put an end to any future setups, say something like "He sounds amazing, but I'm not sure I'm right for someone who just got out of a relationship/studies molecular biology/doesn't exercise at all.

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The solution: Cast a wider net...though still be selective."If your hairstylist comes across as really cool and you feel like you and your trainer are on the same page, hit them up for dating help," suggests Wygant."Not only are they people you feel a connection to, but they're in professions where clients tend to get personal with them, so they get a sense of someone's character and dating status." On the other hand, you probably don't want to mention your quest to your soccer-mom dental hygienist."You can even think about your friends' boyfriends' admirable traits." And corny as it sounds, if you need help getting all of your thoughts organized, write it all down on a list for yourself.Related Video Don't worry about being too superficial either.

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