Black athletes dating white woman

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When the patriarchy and hegemonic masculinity combine we get emasculated black men.Even the ones who make it still have to deal with these issues, they just have more money and status to cushion the blow.They choose to be with the woman who makes them feel the most empowered, the most in control, and, if nothing else, they choose the most “beautiful.”She has the look and the characteristics men have been taught to value, and there might be an added satisfaction with the racial difference.On the gender hierarchy men are on top but in the racial hierarchy white people are on top.The first reason successful black men may be inclined to date white women is because America is a patriarchy, essentially meaning that men are in charge.Black men have been taught that they are supposed to be leaders and providers in their households and in their communities, but their blackness, historically speaking, overrides their maleness in many ways.

Ideally, they want the secretary to their boss; they want the greet at the door with their slippers, alcohol, and dinner on the table chick; they do not want a black chick. Cinderella is supposed to be the princess to end all princesses.And they weren’t necessarily taught how to be that person either.This version of gender roles particularly appeals to the emasculated black man who subscribes to hegemonic masculinity; because, if in society you can’t be a man, but you have the status to choose to be the man at home, and you’ve been taught to seek a very particular kind of woman, who are you going to choose?I have wanted to release something on the topic in response to the article or at least on the subject for quite some time now, because I have been pondering this issue for years as a young black woman, and I think I have figured out exactly why many successful black men tend to date white women.So without further ado, here is a more sociological explanation as to why successful black men date white women.

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