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“It was a little blurb and a phone line where you could record a short message and see who answered.” She said she wrote a relatively boring — not sexy or crazy — personal ad, and when she checked her messages 10 days later, she had more than 700 replies. She decided to arbitrarily listen to every third reply and start accepting dates to see who these guys were.

“I wrote my first book called ‘Eat Your Lonely Heart Out‘ because I thought that people would come to me and say that meeting strangers was not good.

So, when a reputable publication joined in, it added to the credibility.

“I had an idea to place a personal ad and then write a story about who would answer one because you couldn’t see anybody, there were no pictures,” she said.

We changed it to ‘Rubenesque,’ and she had better results.” Rochelle said she’ll continue to play a major role at ILove Your, even as it grows.

She said it makes her happy to know she’s helping people find love they otherwise wouldn’t discover.

That burst it open for me, and I started to build on and on from there,” she said.Compatibility: Find people based on the language they speak etc…Interested in: Search according to the type of fetishes you are into.The Short Version: For many American daters, hearing someone whisper sweet nothings in their ear in a delightful accent can be a major turn-on, and finding a partner with a sexy British accent is usually at the top of their list.Rochelle studied dating and relationships back when The Times of London was publishing personal ads.Before that, readers could find personals in the back of other newspapers, but many were too racy and were viewed with disdain.

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