Banned from equestria daily dating sim

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Note, however that Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are locked and must be reached through normal gameplay.

There is a mail box with graffiti on it that reads #Save Derpy, as a reference to the hash-tag used in response to the backlash against Derpy Hooves' speaking role, and Hasbro's subsequent response.

The creator is asking if people would actually play something like this Silly anon, of course people would play it.

ANYWAY, you can contact him at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Added in version 1.4 and expanded in version 1.5 is the "More Bullshit Mode", which shows extra cutscenes along with deleted/unused cutscenes.

That, along with music credits, can be accessed from the end screen.

Clouds will fly along these two "lanes" and the player must dodge them.

If the player is hit by a cloud 4 times he loses the race.

A group going by the name of /b/ Game Studios (yes, that /b/) is planning on creating the first MLP Fi M Dating sim based on some pictures that popped up way back when Fi M wasn't an internet phenomenon.

In the game, the player is lying in bed when all of a sudden Trixie appears and says to the player that she is about to make all his dreams come true.

She then transports him to Equestria and turns him into a red male Earth pony.

There is also a menu which is accessible at all times in the top right-hand corner of the screen, marked by a small arrow.

Here the player can review his/her stats and inventory.

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