Artwork validating

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We have had a picture frame hanging in our dining room without a picture (just the one that came in it) for quite some time.

So long in fact, it kind of became a joke for anyone that came to visit. He took one of our daughter’s pictures that she had diligently created one afternoon and put it in the frame. Not only did this solve the “who’s the random dude in the picture frame?

It's a PNG image rather than JPGAny help is very gratefully received.

So I have been trying to validate my podcast feed, and for some reason the artwork is keeping the feed from being validated.

For a bit of a better understanding on this philosophy, read this poem ‘The Hundred Languages of Childhood’ by Loris Malaguzzi. Instead of little people that need to be just filled with knowledge, it empowers them to use their own brains to figure out what they already know, and inquire, experiment, and actively learn as they grow. At our house one way we can give our children more ownership of their space is by purposefully creating places (even small ones!

) for them to display artwork and creative projects.

The old one comes out and the new piece of art goes in.

We may need to get some gallery lighting for these works of art!

(By the way- have you seen my hair in that family portrait?! ) Think about all the different ways your child likes to communicate and works to understand the world around them.

How can you encourage all types of communication and literacies within your child?

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