Are you dating a spy

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But then, if you have an incredibly technical or complicated cover job that doesn’t suit your personality, that will make people who know you question things, too.It’s a balance.” One thing that wasn’t so much of a balance was Emily’s personal and work life.“Working for the CIA is all-consuming, which is why lots of people would date within the CIA; to take that extra layer of stress off.with a background in improvised comedy and a totally unrelated university degree - is the one doing the spying.As a twentysomething theatre graduate, Emily went from doing ad lib comedy at the local dive bar to working at the CIA.

It’s a government job – the CIA wouldn’t allow Officers to use sex to coerce cooperation.Her job involved meeting and recruiting people to be spies – she wasn’t technically the one doing the spying, but instead finding people with information to do the front line work for her.“An Operations Officer goes into the field to meet potential assets.It can feel a bit like dating – what you’re trying to do is find people who have access to information your country needs, and recruit them to work for you.It felt very top secret – manila envelopes would arrive in the post with no return address, and people would phone me without leaving a full name", Emily tells us.“I was then flown to Washington DC to complete a lie detector test, before taking a mental assessment questionnaire and having my answers torn apart by a CIA psychologist.

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