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The web series shows Park's daily life with his friends, behind-the-scenes of concerts and filming, and the fun and games that he gets up to.

Each episode starts with a series of comedic photos of Park or his friends, along with a logo and introduction music made by Cha Cha, a producer and member of AOM.

Park plays an emotional, but comedic, ex-boyfriend of the female lead, Julie Zhan.

His scene was filmed at the last-minute due to a flying visit to Los Angeles.

Over the course of ten years, he’s released many albums, dozens of digital singles, and collaborations.

Park manages his own You Tube channel and uploads all the content himself; a situation which is unheard of in the K-pop industry.Park also included his personal footage recorded on his i Phone, which shows Park on stage at "Highlight Festival 2012" concert with Far East Movement.Park also showed his comedic nature while posing for photos outside a giant poster of his face at a Googims store.Park has been credited by viewers for being down-to-earth and natural, and also including Korean subtitles for his fans in Korea, as the main language spoken in the episodes is English.The 1st episode, released on July 23, 2012, shows Park hanging out with his friends from AOM while in Korea.

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