American women dating in europe

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It is a very good advantage for those who want to go to the Czech Republic and pick up women.

Nevertheless, if you go to the Czech Republic, don’t go to tourist places as you may get disappointed.

No other countries in South America can be close to the level of English in Argentina.

If you don’t speak a word of Spanish, if you want to go to South America to date women, you should go to Argentina.

Europe is a hotbed for finding the perfect soul mate.

Personally I prefer American Women :)Coming from a man who's been in both places for years, there is no difference between them, except that you've the chance to see a much higher percent of skinny women in Europe, than in USA. Here in the US, and I'm speaking very generally here, we just assume people are free to date around until otherwise discussed.

In my experience, it's a matter of not getting too involved with one person only to find out they're not on the same page as you, and not making any unnecessary assumptions.

So you have a margin of error accepted by the two sides.

An american girl, especially if she never lived abroad, will not have this thought process, and it can lead to bad situation.

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