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It also takes into account the perspectives of the community it serves – the students."There's a continuous conversation with our students and our residents in terms of what they need and what they'd like to see," Olsen says.Despite being a relatively young research university, ASU has also drastically increased its sponsored research and its ability to compete with other universities for research grants and funding, thanks in part to the innovative campus.Consequently, ASU is requiring its housing partners like ACC to be adaptive to meet the evolving needs of the institution. Crow became the president of Arizona State University (ASU) in 2002, he unveiled a long-term plan to reimagine higher education.Crow envisioned ASU as the model for what he calls "the New American University," a public research university dedicated to "the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education and meaningful societal impact." At the same time, like most public universities, ASU faced the ongoing challenges of overcoming its capital-intensive demands for infrastructure, housing and research facilities while also finding the necessary resources to devote to education and its students.

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Enrollment is now at more than 93,000 students, including more than 70,000 students at its five physical campuses with 15,611 beds (roughly 22 percent) available to them.The program allows institutions to preserve their debt capacity for academic infrastructure, implement a more efficient delivery timeline of products, lower development costs and offer affordable rents."We've been able to help realize the student housing component of President Crow's vision," Bayless says.However, given the cultural significance of Manzanita to the students and alumni alike, ASU asked ACC to undertake the challenge of redeveloping the structure."We worked with ACC to find a way to renovate it so that we could maintain a symbolic icon that was important to so many of our students throughout the years, but bring it up to modern-day living and learning standards so that it was state of the art," says Olsen.

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