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Specifically, Emily Perper does some incredible work over there.

And although I remain bitter that has yet to include our site on their app or website, I’m madly in love with their app and their website, and have been for years.

As Amanda Hess wrote in Slate following a controversy regarding a male-dominated Port Magazine feature about the future of print media, “I hope we can also take this opportunity to question why women’s writing is aligned so heavily with personal essays and service journalism — the forms that are the cheapest and ad-friendliest to produce.” That being said, it wasn’t hard to find women writing amazing shit all over the internet.

The Twelve Tribes, a controversial religious sect in Plymouth who consider themselves direct descendants of the Puritans, run a nice little bakery, abuse children and might be more of a cult than a religion. Part of a series on college drinking, this article looks at alcohol culture from all sides at The University of Georgia in Athens.*Longform Best of 2015* One of the year’s most influential stories, this exposé on the conditions of nail workers in New York led to actual political action and a city-wide consciousness raising.But, too much less fanfare, rebuttals appeared in The New York Review of Books, which were handily rebuked by The Times, and again by Reason Magazine, leading ‘ Public Editor Margaret Sullivan to write of the investigation that “its findings, and the language used to express them, should have been dialed back — in some instances substantially.” Chava Gourarie of The Columbia Journalism Review caught up with Nir, her editor at , and some of the women in the story this month to talk about changes in the industry since the story’s release and the impact the story has had on the industry, as well as a balanced look at challenges to its veracity.(It’s 38% female with Jezebel included.) Perhaps you’re aware that racial diversity in media is even worse — people of color account for only 13.34% of journalists at daily newspapers.I’ve been assembling weekly, and then bi-weekly, lists of the web’s best longform for Autostraddle for four years now, and because of all those reasons above (and because we love women around here), I wanted to do a year-end round-up of the best longform written by women.

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