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You might think that you have the entire dating scene figured out, but if you’ve ever dated German men you know that they’re just about the toughest nationality to read romantically.

Don’t take us too seriously, we know individual differences overshadow cultural identity!

Expect a few scoffing remarks, but definitely not a call back after this one.

That even goes for vintage fashion trends so you better start planning out your wardrobe accordingly – like now.

As with most countries, the majority of inhabitants tend to live and work in major cities, such as Berlin, Bonn, Munich and Hamburg, with a wide population spread through the smaller towns and the farming community.

It is well known that Germans like their food, and while nearly everyone starts the day with a cup of coffee, German men also like to breakfast on bread, eggs and sausages.

Situated in the centre of northern Europe, and becoming unified in 1989, Germany is bordered by nine other countries: France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The population has increased rapidly during the past century, and, because of the open-minded, positive approach to life, the country has largely accepted a multicultural society.

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You may have the hottest bod, the face of an angel and the heart of a saint, but if your shirt or pants have got kinks, wrinkles or stray strings you’re not fit to leave the house, let alone be on a date!They might enjoy your ability to flirtatiously get them on their toes.Seriously though, don’t step in the flower beds of a garden, don’t cross the bike lane path, and never cross the street without a green light.Do not expect too much romantic heat, after a day, a week, a month… Knowing that, just don’t take it personally if you don’t receive text messages after a super successful date, and don’t force them to show affection either.However, you can look forward to stronger sparks from him in the future.

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