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I don't want this to be taken as a "I don't care" because I do!I care a ton about her but it's hard to have a relationship with someone else when you barely have one with yourself.I just ignored her texts She also called me about 100 times for our “morning Face Time call” and I declined her.I wanted to tell her that I had a girl in my bed and we’re eating pancakes but that’s petty af so I didn’t Yeah idk if I should talk to her when she gets back or just ignore her. Even if she didn’t cheat it’s not right to be in bed with someone else and stuff that’s not ok It doesn't matter if she cheated or not.We both still makes the effort to take an interest.I spent years if my life using a relationship as a crutch for not truly being happy with who I am and it is fucking refreshing to have a partner that my world doesn't revolve around.Now that things are more serious I'll at least shoot a "Good night" or "How was ur day" a few times a week (and vice versa) but I work 60 hours a week, she works two jobs both have possible overnight shifts.

Hearing her talk about things with a passion, even if I don't understand, is AWESOME, and she lets me talk about geeky tech stuff or video games even tho she doesn't relate.If it wasn't for this website, I may have never met him!" — Andrea Haas Click here to place a FREE profile ad.At the time he didn't have the courage to ask for my number, so he wrote an I-Spy and one of my co-workers told me about it.We met at Vermont Pub for our first date and the rest is history.

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